A Day's rejuvenation in Goa

Should I really be cribbing about how terrible my last month was, when couple of really interesting things, were happening? Like a day out traveling.

Mayem lake and its surroundings

The first destination was Mayem Lake. The environment around did justice to the long winding drive through the hills and it was pleasantly empty on this day. I seriously wonder how many people may be visiting this area, because the only resting point around, was in the saddest form of disrepair; though it commanded the best view. It is comparable with Bhimtal, but the air is fresher, better and you don’t see/hear any vehicles.

Next destination was Arvalem caves and Water fall. We travelled from Mayem through to Bicholem, which is towards the eastern side of Goa state. The landscape wonderfully changed from the city and another winding street lead us to the waterfalls.  Just beyond were the caves, which local  myth considers as “Pandava” caves and ASI board refers to as caves of Pandya period. From the other two caves that I have seen, Vaishnu Devi, J&K and Mawsmai caves in Mehghalya, this seemed to be smaller, yet pretty well maintained and friendly. Outside it was the oldest Champa tree that I have ever seen.

Back home journey was scenic as ever, though we gave Old Goa a miss and took the road “less travelled”.

So there! Just worked out a Morning’s travel  in Goa for you!

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From The Heart

Not related to the article.

Few days back on the occasion of World Heart Day, I got the opportunity to attend a lecture by Dr Vivek Jawali, an eminent heart surgeon and Dr Digambar Naik, another eminent Goa based physician.

These lectures couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Those of you who have been following me on FB and twitter, may be clued in the kind of unluck in health that last month has been for me, so I chose to write on this topic on the Design Blog.


Because our lifestyle affects our health. Yes, we know.

We also know that early to bed and early to rise, which mother taught us while our milk teeth were still breaking, holds true. But how many of us, really follow it?

We were also taught that a litre and half of water is our daily requirement, but how many of us, have that in our routine life?

My generation grew up in the pre liberalization period, and we were lucky to have our vitamins and minerals unadulterated by packaged foods. Our home spaces were barely touched by the onset of cable mania. And our sleep was not disturbed due to interactions with another timezone via the internet. Post liberalization, however, things have changed.

Lets now move to the aspects of creative lifestyle. There was a time when we took pride in late night “enlightenments” of design and working irrespective of light or shine or day or night, food or no food, instant noodles and caffeine. Yes, I do blame the creative education system for inculcating these ‘good” habits to the level of ‘finesse”. These great habits continued till a long while, till the time, I’m assuming I got my first burn out a decade back. But one didn’t learn. Too many things were happening at that time. My second (assumed) burn out a couple of years back (again not checked), made me realize many more things and hence came- Goa. Unfortunately, bad habits accompanied me.

But last month was a teacher. It taught me moderation. Nothing in life is urgent than the early morning walk. No drink is more satisfying than water. And no person is more important than the family.

I prefer a walk around the hill to an a/c gym; swimming to a sweaty game of tennis. And I design, because I love to, not because of some deadline knife hanging on my head.

So, Dr Digamber’s lecture was an eye-opener in terms of realization of my susceptibility to heart disease, which can be prevented due to lifestyle changes and couldn’t have come at a better time. Dr Jawali spoke about convergence of tech and medicine, which those who know their trend news are aware of “convergence” as recent buzz word.

And where are we converging? Towards a better lifestyle…? Science reminds us everyday that nature is where we get our strength and happiness.

Lets use science as a tool and not as an end. As a means to get there. Lets stick to moderation and prevention. An apple a day. Plenty of water. And green tea without sugar and milk.