Islands of Green in Mumbai

Never did I imagine that I would be able to see a tree like this one the first week I shifted to Mumbai. Scornful dislike for all things metropolitan in this bustling city, was set aside and all pre-conceived notions were shattered when I saw this tree…. and that lake…

and butterflies and koels in the background….. on this particular day to work. The mornings are fresh and pure and the evenings the bats are out, singing melancholy in theĀ  huge trees.

The Nikon is still safely packed away, the lens seem foggy withstanding the monsoons here…..and also the thought of toting a camera along is difficult on workdays… but I do plan to visit such islands of green in Mumbai and shoot at leisure….whenever that day will be. And no, I’m not revealing where I am finding this green peace….. can you guess where this is?