First visit to Dharamshala 2007

busThere are some places when you visit, that you simply feel that you would be visiting again. Dharamshala seemed to be  that place for me. (Now that its proven after I visited it for the second time last month.)  bus0On that bright sunny day , almost 5 years back, In McLeodganj the shops were few and life looked simpler. We found a wonderful rooftop place for having breakfast with a magnificent view of the street below.  bus1When we took this snap of what appeared like a dilapidated intercity bus, It seemed that those inside the bus, probably a tourist group also had the same thing in mind with us as the subjects! Wonder whether we’ll ever be able to cross paths again. Its also very coincidental that this bus was traveling to Pathankot, which is where destiny has brought me over last few months. bus3

Co Existence

Last week, we looked at the ruins of the fort at Nurpur, this week, the culture of Co-existence in Dharamshala.

Dharamshala, is a town adopted as a capital by the Tibetian Government in exile . The Dalai Lama’s Palace is situated on top of a hill here, in a  place called McLeodGanj. Although I have visited the monastery before, this time a chance visit to nearby Kangra, made it possible, but only for a short while in the evening. By then the monastery seemed closed and only a few Lama’s were around in the tourist marketplace, which was shutting down as well. A cold wave had enveloped Himachal last few days and it was evident with the thin tourist count here. A different culture seemed to have evolved on the periphery of this famed institution. It was colourful, well lit and lively. Almost reminiscent of the Beach culture of Goa, strangely coexisting with the serene calmness of the monastery.

This Lama was all smiles for my camera and the environment was friendly and warm.

This Lama was walking opposite to the direction of a rooftop cafe on the chowk.

McLo’s fame as a cafe was a visit of Pierce Brosnan (remember James Bond?), and it boasted of the visit through its wall photographs. But yes, the food was excellent.