Kolkata Colours

Driving down the main and busy streets of Kolkata , you sometimes miss the beautiful architecture hidden behind the many wires of our civilized world and the din of our technological motors. Look closely, you see the pattern, colors and story behind it.


And this is in the heart of the city!

Mumbai building

A beautiful building as viewed from another high rise heritage building in Mumbai


Mumbai is synonymous with high rises, lack of trees and commuters walking swiftly across. The imagery is dull, dreary and fast. But within this imagery lie hidden many gems of heritage architecture.

Look at the building in the sketch above. When the zoom from my room window didn’t give a clear picture of this pink roofed building, I went back to traditional media for this small sketch. I can’t be sure that I took in all the details very well from the many hundred ft distance . Just behind the municipal headquarters. Is it a part of it? I’m not sure. Couldn’t find any reference to it. But there it stood, just beyond the trees!

Mumbai’s fort area is a heritage site and there are many such buildings literally sprinkled around. One can’t stop and wonder why the millions who pass through this treasure trove of concrete masterpieces so beautifully executed hardly give any cognizance to the genius around them. Or do they?