When the air gets rough….

This winter in Calcutta has been one of choking coughs, cold, haze and smoke. Funnily, at-least three half marathons were held in various polluted parts of the city while the pm 2.5 levels between 200 and 350. While the government in the neighboring Chinese towns would announce masks for the general public in such a scenario, here we buy overpriced athletic wear and show it off while running and filling our lungs towards another day less in our lives. Between the million plus public, gradually thinning on the roads and the loud processions of the saraswati procession, I got a chance to visit the nearby horticultural society to see the January blooms. Here are some of my favourites which gave a moment of pleasure in the otherwise stifling air.

Cold Calcutta

In the eastern states of India, sun rises at 5 am. Usually. In the winters, it rises an hour and a half later. So at six in the morning, it was no surprise that it was a bit dark, but it was darker today. Fog had descended on the city.

Presently Calcutta is competing with Delhi in the weather department. With temperature hovering around 11 deg to 12 deg at night, its just a couple more than that in Delhi. Life has come to a quiet lull.