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Pretty Birds of Karla


The frenzy called Ganpati Visarjan Procession. In Bombay.

Today was the final day of the Immersion of the Ganpati which arrived in the neighborhood ten days back. While I probably didn’t document the entire mandal, today was hard to miss. The music for one. It almost resembled a punjabi wedding, which I’m more familiar with. So this is how it happens. All the Ganpatis of the various mandals are today lifted and with a lot of fan fare, music ( to the taste of thier devotees) and lights and are carried along thier specific routes for immersion into the sea. In Mumbai, the Girgaon chow-patty and Juhu chow patty are famous for this. Lakhs of devotees gather with the Ganpatis for the immersion. I was strongly dissuaded from a visit, given the frenzied crowd, but as it turned out, I was able to get a glimpse of the procession which is hard not to share.

Victoria Terminus : A Unesco World Heritage Monument


There are millions of people who pass through this building that is a railway terminus, each day to travel across Mumbai. I wonder how many know that this is a unesco world heritage site. This was designed in 1887 and is fairly reminiscent of Gothic revival style sprinkled with Mughal style.

This picture was taking from my Mumbai home at a time when I didn’t know the historical relevance of this building. It had struck to me only as a lovely building in the view that time. The closer I zoomed in, the more the details left me awed. That is the beauty of architecture. The vision of the architect, Frederick William Stevens stays forever as an inspiration to the city. And to me.

vt silhouette

The Background: Backwaters of Goa

Exploring Backwaters in GoaBoaters in the lesser known backwaters of Goa. Viewed from the Old Goa Church and jetty point.


Travel Theme : Pathways

Travel Theme : Pathways

A cobbled path lit by Evening sun at a hill park.

 This week’s Travel Theme

The Background


We were stuck in a traffic jam up the hills. It was the backside of the Monastery at Dharamshala. People visiting the monastery were much more than those leaving it today. This Golden spire was visible to us and beyond it were visible the Dhauladhar mountains in different shades of blue and the lovely Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake within, which if you remember, was the home to migratory birds at Pong Dam.

Marching Into Spring

Another beautiful spring post…by Janna Hill

The Real Janna Hill

If the old folks in East Texas are right we will have another cold snap so don’t plant your tomatoes yet. I’m not in any hurry, after all we are just getting to the Ides of March and the Spring Equinox is still a week away. What does all of that mean? I could write about it but I’m afraid it would bore you straight to death and I don’t want to be listed on your death certificate as the official cause so how about I show you some pictures instead? Okay! Moving right along…

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The Yellow Fields of Spring

Reblogging a beautiful post by Michael Lai. Spring has arrived.

An Evening on Baga


Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal


Autumn. Rebirth. Flowers give way to fruits. Leaves change colour. Earthy tones. Sunset tones. Green to Gold.