Migratory Bird sighting at Sewri

This is Mumbai. Ok, not actually Mumbai, but a a suburban part. Migratory birds have discovered this part faster than some of us. Every winter Siberian birds and many others travel upto this niche which they have made their home for the winters. While the black headed ibis forages through the muddy shore by completely submerging its beak in the mud, other shore birds make themselves comfortable eating the the frogs and other sea creatures. The loud noises of the jetty engine doesn’t seem to have much impact on  the egrets, but the flamingos have distanced themselves from this part of the shore and taken refuge in another less accessible area. Hope next time the flamingos are there too. A noisy flock of rosy starlings were also present but quite at a distance.


Priyadarshini Park  A little off from Napensea Road, a prominent stretch along South Bombay, is a lovely stretch of fresh air. Just behind a popular sports complex is this lovely stretch of sand and rocks meeting the sea. The mild winter sun makes this even more pleasant. This picture is for all my friends in the northern areas where winter has set. Sending a bit of tropical sun.