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Love. Sometimes you find the symbol in unusual places! :)

Love. Sometimes you find the symbol in unusual places! :)


Village Transportation

rick4 rick3 horse

Top: A farm produce transport system. Modified Tractor. Centre: Metal stamping work on the backside of a Rickshaw. Bottom: Horse carts

Local Life


Pathankot is particularly blessed in terms of transport. While other small towns of its size are wanting for adequate local transport, here transport is a major livelihood earner. More so as the entire vehicle becomes a moving canvas or graffiti of colors as “auto” drivers compete with each other to get noticed based on their vivid colors and descriptions .

The above two examples are not the best, also due to the image quality, been taken from across the windscreen of the car. But its surely a glimpse of how decorative the drivers get with their vehicles. More examples soon.