Baby you can drive my car… Part II


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Bombay is the heart of cinema in India, called Bollywood, aka Hollywood.

“You have such wonderful interiors!”. I gaped soaking in the ambiance contrasting to the shabby exterior.

“You have wonderful taste!Where did you get these prints from?”

“They took the car and covered it themselves. No charge to me.”

“How many such cars are there?”

“About five of us, I guess!”

I snapped the pictures of these living canvases of Bollywood personas before alighting.

Running a quick search on the net, discovered an artist behind Taxi Fabric. Interesting.



“Aajaa meri gaadi mein baith ja”… Part I

Saturday morning is generally quite lazy. After a few kilometers walk and a cup of beverage, it is more so. Rather than walking back, I decide to take a cab. Saturday morning at 8.00 am is in no way a good time to find a cab easily on Nariman point. Overpriced Merus and Cool cabs line against the street, waiting for an unassuming tourist to step out from Trident. I am in no mood to pay price of a Starbucks coffee for the short commute, so do what comes naturally to many Bombayites; hail a kaali peeli.

Kaali-Peeli , translated : Yellow-Black cab; comes in many versions. Gone are the days of the oversized Ambassador, the linear Fiat; now we see stout Korean brands, most newly bought; zipping past and stopping only if they like where you are going. (!)

So, when I spotted a kaali peeli, I got a bit disheartened.

“The old Fiat!” I sighed and waved to the driver.

He caught my eye and soon trudged down the road with his 1990’s engine roaring while I waited impatiently.

I almost shut my eyes while I mumbled out the destination.

It was just a moment, …then…Blink! Blink!

My seat was a canvas of colour. Bollywood colours and dialogues made me a captive audience.

Then I asked him about the interiors.

( to be continued tomorrow)

My first design which is actually not my Design

There is no creation without originality. A strong statement and maybe it is true. But what if I work upon someone’s idea. Is that design? Is that creativity? Opinion could be divided on that subject. Take example of a person who retouches images and makes them into something beautiful and different from what they were. Doesn’t this person need lots of creativity? Or take example of a CAD artist who uses someone else’s creative thought (Read 2D sketch) to make it into a real life like example. I would call the second one”translators”. But they are all called “designers”. At least in this part of the world. Maybe they are part of a larger design process, cogs in the wheel to the process.Below is my cog-to wheel “design”. I call it design because it is a “drafted drawing”, #D produced. But it is not mine. It gets its identity from the eternity ring concept, perhaps developed by some ingenious marketing campaign to rake up diamond sales. Nor is the placement of the diamonds;the design, mine. I took it from a book. What I did was to translate the drawing into a 3D.

Its called an eternity ring.

Its called an eternity ring.

Choosing the Right Colour

Product focused advertisement created for Festive season 2011Advertisements can sometimes be a  visual treat or sometimes an annoying disturbance.

A visual treat, when all our senses are involved and focused and the end result looks as good as it sounds and feels. An annoying disturbance, when something seems out of place or is too rigid and doesn’t let our imagination flow.

Is your message luxury? Touch that paper.. does it communicate luxury? Read the message . Will it create a desire to buy?

A great advertisement is not just the one which seeks attention and creates desire.. it is the one which propels to buy.

Why is color so important? We live in a world where color has shaped our experiences. Imagine a print full of the same color or simply devoid of color. Both extremities affect how we react to the message. Some colors evoke nostalgia of another era ( like the retro advertisements).. others are composed to focus on a certain colour, which may just be the brand building color. The concept is visualized. The artwork is drafted and executed. But an artwork is only an artwork…till it recreates a desire in the viewer to buy….. along with being a visual treat.


Design: Symbol of the Indian Rupee

The Indian rupee symbol has been finally announced and it has been debated on various levels. Whether trying to “save the Indian rupee symbol” or to dissect it to find a design interpretation in the Indian context.

In the design context, I feel that the winning designer has really understood the need of his “client” that is the Indian Government to create a design that is logical in its application “applicable to standard keyboard”. Here are the competition guidelines. Here are the skeptics view regarding the terms of design, before the results were announced.

If you go through the list of those who were shortlisted for the design competition, you would notice that people from varied backgrounds had participated in the contest, not for the monetary reward of two lac rupees, but because of reason of national pride.

Frankly, I don’t find any difficulty with the new symbol incase it is compatible with the computer keyboard as is claimed. It is in devanagri and has the double strokes and is also having a 3 dimensional characteristic. It also has basic aesthetic values and these qualities are sufficient for good design.

Inspite of all the controversies, its appreciable on part of the government to be able to select as well as quickly adapt the symbol. No matter what the critics say (read what an Indian designer has to say here), its commendable that the symbol has been selected from thousands of entries as well as been quickly adapted by the media at a fraction of what it cost the Europe to get a working design of the Euro.

What remains to be seen is the the changeover period in which the former currencies’ notes and coins will be exchanged for the new ones and the systems which will be in place. Till then, I think there is just much ado about nothing. Good Job , D. Uday Kumar.

Download the font

Is this the first look at the coin with the new rupee symbol?

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2010: HUGO Create Design of Poster

2010: HUGO Create Design competition

This is a global design contest from HUGO fragrances by HUGO BOSS. The con- test is open to people of all skill levels. Professionals, students and design enthu- siasts.10 winners are selected each round. Bhawna Vij Katyal was one of the winners for the ROUND 14 titled- Black, white and Red

More details here:

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2010: The BMW Group Idea Contest

2010: The BMW Group Idea Contest

“Tomorrow’s Urban Mobility Services” sought new ideas for mobility services in tomorrow‘s urban areas .Ideas in this category describe services regarding parking and cover topics such as the efficient and innovative use of parking space in urban areas, locating parking areas, payment services or additional services directly or indirectly connected to parking. Parking concept by Bhawna Vij Katyal was featured on the BMW contest website.

In this concept, parking is taken to new “heights” and cars are parked at the top of a pillar which is actually a vertical garden on the outside.

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