Marching Into Spring

Another beautiful spring post…by Janna Hill

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If the old folks in East Texas are right we will have another cold snap so don’t plant your tomatoes yet. I’m not in any hurry, after all we are just getting to the Ides of March and the Spring Equinox is still a week away. What does all of that mean? I could write about it but I’m afraid it would bore you straight to death and I don’t want to be listed on your death certificate as the official cause so how about I show you some pictures instead? Okay! Moving right along…

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202 Bird spotters from India in Great Backyard Bird Count 2013

Last month there was a Backyard Bird Count exercise where we had to observe birds and list them on a special site. This exercise was held worldwide and I chanced to hear about it while surfing. I took out fifteen minutes, like I usually do in the morning and sat out to watch the birds, literally from my backyard. It was pleasantly surprising then to see the results. India was third in this exercise after US & Canada. “202 participants contributed 438 checklists containing over 500 species” according to the results.

gbbc I’m the second dot from the top. Feels quite exclusive!

gbbc2 List of all the participants!

Images courtesy Bird Count India