More Birds

As spring changes into summer, flowers are in bloom in Goa. Many pairs of birds are spotted. Some of which I saw today. Thanks to Kaustubh and Douglas for help in identification of the paradise flycatcher as below.

A kingfisher

I don't know the name

Paradise Flycatcher

A pair of Koel


A koel in flight

Supermoon at Goa, India

Super moon spotted from Junta house, Panjim , Goa.

So, today, they said was the Big day. The end of the world. The last day. The Tsunami already had created the initial furore. So, what did happen today? Nothing different. The moon was just a few kms nearer to our earth. And it looked splendid. You can click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture.

A chance visit to the Association of Friends of Astronomy, who meet up every evening at Junta House, allowed me a peek into the telescopes. Took a picture. Saw the Moon up close. Suyash and Anmol, who were a part of the society were rather helpful and showed to me the various stars and helped identify the craters of the moon.

The place was crowded today with lots of visitors, but It’s worth a visit, again!

And the Supermoon? Only one regret is that I should have taken pictures of it when it was still closer to the horizon around dusk. That’s when it visually appears the largest size.

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Birds that camoflage

What started off pretty well yesterday, turned more challenging today, as I sought to explore birds which were smaller, faster and well hidden in their habitat. It was a little frustrating as this morning I was totally prepared, but over an hour seemed less time and even now I hear birds seeming to silently mock me as they chose to play hide and seek with me. Here are some pictures of birds in their surroundings. They were at first difficult to distinguish from the rest of the tree, but as my eye got trained, I did manage a couple of pictures of the elusive creatures. In the process, some larger and more splendid birds got missed. But here is to document for my own self…the birds that I hear everyday.


Colourful Birds in Goa

Ever since the Sunbird has created a nest on my clothesline, I have developed special interest in following birds around me. While the nest is intact and the bird often flits around the clothesline, spring time has introduced me to other birds and they tend to fascinate me further more. I don’t know their names as yet, but can identify a dozen or so by their particular sounds and what used to be earlier a part of the background “music” around me, I now take care to see which one are which.

Here are some of the pictures that I took today morning. Help me identify them.

Small Green Bee Eater

Red whiskered Bulbul

Jungle Myna


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Playground in Goa

There are a couple of places in Goa where the mood is like a dreamland or a castle. Almost out of a book. At night, this peaceful playground next to the beach transforms into a lively haven for kids, playing on the swings. Lights from across the sea dot the horizon and a gentle breeze blows every evening. Palm trees swish in the breeze in this well lit area, as if dancing with the wind. Peaceful.