Non Violence, Indian-ness and my take on the dry day!

Today being 02nd oct, is being celebrated as non- violence day. The bottle doesn’t represent Mahatma Gandhi. It doesn’t even represent drinking. It represents colour. It represents meaning to an old bottle long discarded, now presented as a work of art. It represents what a tiny motif can do to transform a bottle whose sad end would be at the junk dealer. It represents rebirth. It represents creative growth. It represents the cycle of life. It questions me, should I take this etsy type concept ahead, conceptualize differently or should I send the rest of the bottles to the junk dealer?

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Renew


Eco. Green. Go green. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

These seem to be the mantra of the era. And we find examples in some unlikely place. A chance visit to my net admin’s office, amongst the mess of wires and servers, revealed how his team had created a makeshift pen & tool stand from used floppy disks. He had also added a picture of his favorite cricket star on a panel.

The HR’s desk was also eventful. A couple of mouse had been decorated to appear just so. Guess it perked up her desk a bit.

Things people do!