Victoria Terminus : A Unesco World Heritage Monument


There are millions of people who pass through this building that is a railway terminus, each day to travel across Mumbai. I wonder how many know that this is a unesco world heritage site. This was designed in 1887 and is fairly reminiscent of Gothic revival style sprinkled with Mughal style.

This picture was taking from my Mumbai home at a time when I didn’t know the historical relevance of this building. It had struck to me only as a lovely building in the view that time. The closer I zoomed in, the more the details left me awed. That is the beauty of architecture. The vision of the architect, Frederick William Stevens stays forever as an inspiration to the city. And to me.

vt silhouette

The Background


We were stuck in a traffic jam up the hills. It was the backside of the Monastery at Dharamshala. People visiting the monastery were much more than those leaving it today. This Golden spire was visible to us and beyond it were visible the Dhauladhar mountains in different shades of blue and the lovely Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake within, which if you remember, was the home to migratory birds at Pong Dam.

A Morning at Karna Lake


When you travel from Chandigarh towards Delhi, midway, hidden along the road is a small lake. It is a part of a government resort. Though I wouldn’t really call it a “resort” considering its condition, but nevertheless it is a refreshing spot. Here are some pictures of cormorants, egrets and other birds that have made the lake their dwelling place. Also few other biodiversity spotted is documented below.


Top: painted lady. Middle: wasp moth. Last: Cabbage butterfly.

BMW contest archive 2010


Amongst a lot of movement of the last few years, there have been a lot of computer crashes and data loss at my end. So I was surprised to see that my previous idea entry in BMW contest was still intact on the featured home page. I tried clicking on it, but the link was now gone. This was a great concept story I wrote a couple of years back for them which they had featured. It was about a parking concept for urban mobility. Wish I could recover my data back and put the rest of it online. but till then this is one reminder.

Designing the Manager or Managing the designer?


Often we hear the term Manager. Often we hear the profile “Designer”. Then there are the Designer Managers, a breed fast growing with the need of the industry to self structure. Senior management and HR try to fill this gap generally from the marketing or retail side, which they feel are better equipped at handling the management activities. But is it always effective?

Creative people are generally assumed to be Right brained. which means that their creative appreciation, sense of intuition is much stronger than that of the Left brained, who are supposed to be stronger in their sense of logic, analytical reasoning and deduction.

At design school, we were emphasized to use “both” the sides of the brain. through a technique called Lateral thinking propagated by Edward Bono. At the end of 3-4 years, designers were deemed capable to think both the creative as well as the logical. However, that is not the case with management graduates. They are given  negligible training for creative thinking. While Design students are able to learn the principles of management by the click of a button through online and various other sources, its much tougher for a person with a management background to have the same experience online for learning creative skills.

Some may argue that management needs creativity and it is indeed so. Only a fertile mind is capable of applying theory to action and taking decisive action and making decisions from larger sets of problems. But for design students, making decisions and good decision is the only reality. Therefore it gets much easier for them to rely on their intuitive sense with applying logical principles.

While lots of design schools have started providing some amount of management thinking in design curriculum, the choice of subjects is debatable.

At the end, to be a design manager one needs both the gift of creativity( Right brain thinking) as well as a logical deduction (Left brain thinking) to reach solutions to problems. And that species is the rarest of the rare!

Trompe L’oeil Necklace


Trompe L’oeil Bijoux

(Fr: To decieve the eye)

Many people understand deception as something which is not there but is made to feel it is there. Is it really there? Is it part of the whole? Can it be touched? Like this zipper necklace above. It breaks all tradition from the large look which is present in jewellery today and goes into something so minimalistic that it is tough to ascertain whether it is a garment being worn instead of the necklace…and then we get surprised.

Design: (c) Bhawna VK