On the Road More travelled: Mumbai


A Village Street in Goa is better than some Main Roads in Mumbai


In Mumbai life never stops. It is heard often, but last few days in Mumbai I have experienced the same. when I first came to Mumbai and stepped on the paved roads, I could not believe how this city was sustaining itself on such a fragile infrastruture. Paved roads for instance. Broken tar roads with potholes was not something that you would expect a metropolitan city thriving as the national business centre. But paved roads? That was surprising. Reminded me of villages streets in Goa (picture of which I attach here as it looks visually more appealing ). Paved road. And then there is paved road flooded with water on both sides that the pedestrians have no option but to walk in the centre of the road. Picture perfectly well dressed corporate office goers rolling up thier trousers and crossing the flooded street. And it seems perfectly normal and acceptable. No one seems to complain as it is a way of life. Just like the bomb blasts yesterday. Opera house and Zaveri bazaar are the heart of the diamond jewellery industry. But life goes on. Because people have no choice. Sad , but true.

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