Close up to a Palm tree

Close up to a Palm tree

Recently planted palm coconut tree was still low enough for me to get a closeup picture of its incredibly created leaves.


The Delicacy of Kangra Paintings

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Indian Miniature Art is treasured all over the world because of its beauty and inherent delicacy. Of all the north Indian styles, Kangra school of Painting has a great deal of detail and depth by which it is executed. Above are some pictures of a documentation at a time when I did not have a suitable camera to record this beautiful art, but nevertheless you can appreciate the painstaking ways the artists use. A few bristles of a special brush to create exquisite paintings. Sometimes the work is so minute that a high powered lens is used. Presently this art is in languishing stage with only a handful of artists surviving to take ahead this historic legacy.

Zooming in to Delicate : Dissecting an Intangible


What makes something delicate, soft, fine or fragile? While the immediate reaction would be the material, maybe there are more things that make something delicate. A spider’s web may look delicate, but its one of the strongest materials in the world. A leaf maybe delicate, but only so if it is proportion to another thing which is not as fragile, not as delicate.del1

Then, imagine an ant. An ant crawling up an expanse of the leaf, may not find it delicate, but a large area to be covered. Thus delicacy, itself is a subjective trait, to be measured by size, proportion, material, maybe the colour.