The Unfortunate Man ( A Story about Perception)

He got up in the morning as the first ray of the sun hit on his eyes. His east facing room was the highest bedroom in the whole of the metropolis, ensuring he was blessed by the rays of the sun before any other living being in his city. His architect had been selected carefully from hundreds of proposals and pitches to build his mansion.

The sunlight entered the room naturally as if God had selected him to be the chosen one. He took a deep breath. The air was purified to maximum oxygen content before it passed through his nose, finding passage to his lungs. Vertical gardens landscaped his walls providing him the ultimate in luxury, fresh pure clean air. He slowly stepped onto the lush gold embroidered Persian rug at his feet before walking towards the sun lit window. Beyond were the green hills, an enviable view, but he had to buy that piece of real estate to ensure that his view did not change. He laughed at himself. How he had to convince the government authorities to hide this piece of real estate from the other builders under the environment protection act! Then got that changed again and ultimately bought it courtesy the loophole in the lawmakers manual.

Today was sunday, at least in this country. Elsewhere in his overseas offices, the people would be busy with work to keep his empire running. He still had some time before the overseas calls begun. Being the richest man, sure had its perks. From his humble village origin to this life. Things were so actually easy..only if people tried…they could get what they wanted…but people in this country are so lazy!.. he mused. He looked out of the windows and the scene was static. He had moved into this house over a year back, but had not got time to explore the property he now owned. The sun porch and its exotic garden with a fountain outside his window seemed like a wonderful scene from a renaissance painting. The brass telescope at one end. The architect had fitted this accessory at a corner of the verandah. Some story about the triplet lens and something which he couldn’t recall. What he could recall was its price. A substantial amount for something he had never touched. But it let out a sparkle of the sun’s ray and he was drawn toward it with curiosity. Maybe today was the day he saw how this thing worked.

He put his feet into the soft designer carpet sandals and stepped into the verandah. As warned by his health assistant, the air was much different from the controlled climate inside his room. The vertical garden and the landscaping didn’t help and the air did not feel as pure as the one inside. But he wanted to touch this brass artifact today that had been bought zealously from an auction house. Let’s see if this thing works! And let’s see if this thing works even in the day! He chuckled.

It took him awhile to figure the lever to adjust it to his level. “Let me call my assistant,” thought he and reached for his wireless intercom in his silk gown pocket. His dive into the empty pocket was futile. Must be left on the side console in the room.

(.. to be continued in part II and III)

Honey Trap. Neckpiece inspired by the 70’s #movie DON.


That’s Helen. Belonging to an era where the vamp was separate from the heroine in the Indian Cinema. Indian cinema seems to be celebrating 100 years this year. I happened to go through a book by film Historian Feroze Rangoonwala, in an equally quaint library in colaba, chronicling the movie history upto the current,which was then 1978. It was surprising, he gave only a picture mention in the entire book to the movie Don, of Amitabh Bacchan who was later catapulted to became a superstar. He mentioned ” a crime thriller” “current star” “villager becomes a smuggler don”.

I took the essence of the movie as a study, the trademark scarf worn by Zeenat Aman, the leading lady and combined the two into the “Honey Trap”, using current 2014 trend in vogue of precious gems. Only the ring worn in the picture is from the original song, the rest of the pieces are a sketch of “what if”.. “had been now” variety. The motif on the collar is inspired by the pattern on the background wall.