A Day's rejuvenation in Goa

Should I really be cribbing about how terrible my last month was, when couple of really interesting things, were happening? Like a day out traveling.

Mayem lake and its surroundings

The first destination was Mayem Lake. The environment around did justice to the long winding drive through the hills and it was pleasantly empty on this day. I seriously wonder how many people may be visiting this area, because the only resting point around, was in the saddest form of disrepair; though it commanded the best view. It is comparable with Bhimtal, but the air is fresher, better and you don’t see/hear any vehicles.

Next destination was Arvalem caves and Water fall. We travelled from Mayem through to Bicholem, which is towards the eastern side of Goa state. The landscape wonderfully changed from the city and another winding street lead us to the waterfalls.  Just beyond were the caves, which local  myth considers as “Pandava” caves and ASI board refers to as caves of Pandya period. From the other two caves that I have seen, Vaishnu Devi, J&K and Mawsmai caves in Mehghalya, this seemed to be smaller, yet pretty well maintained and friendly. Outside it was the oldest Champa tree that I have ever seen.

Back home journey was scenic as ever, though we gave Old Goa a miss and took the road “less travelled”.

So there! Just worked out a Morning’s travel  in Goa for you!

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