The Great Calcutta Party season

It’s Almost the New year. As the clock struck 12 on 30th December, we were stuck in the traffic.

“Villagers from the surrounding towns in 200- 300 km radius of Calcutta, come during the holiday season.” informed me one cab driver.

“… they must be coming to see the Anaconda in the zoo. It was all over the Bengali local papers.” told me another one.

” The anaconda and the new lion” , I joined.

Just like Christmas, into the new years, we all move along, just the 20 million of us, plus our one million vacationers. A small country we make.



Lady In The Deluge

Pursuit of Imagination

IMG_20170901_131517 LADY IN THE DELUGE. (Mixed Media: Pen & Pastels)

There is something about Calcutta which brings out the need for creative expression. The rain clouds over the sky for over fours months a year. Many times it rains when the sun is shining. Dull, dreary, this perhaps explains the slow pace of everything including traffic. The last week across the globe has been about floods. Everywhere. Typhoon. Tornado. Bursts of rain in Mumbai yet again, and of-course in Calcutta too.

Who is the “Lady In The Deluge”?

She seems to be an urban lady, dressed for a party. Wearing a cold shoulder dress, tattered at one sleeve. Her oversized umbrella doesn’t help in this rain and a stream of water finds its way down her arm. She makes a futile effort to save her smartphone from the rain, bu doubt if it would be of much use. Same with her…

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Here’s a look at crumbling buildings.


When we were in Bombay, during each rainy spell a building used to collapse somewhere. In Calcutta, its not much different. Calcutta has some of the most gorgeous styled heritage buildings gone to ruin.

I wonder why they let them reach that condition. Between the three towns of Bombay, Goa and Calcutta, this city also has the best grill work and stained glass. Though the techniques might be different , the intricacy of work has no parallel.

Instead of being cherished and loved, building crumble and fall one after another, relic of another era, whose utility has crossed its time, a fading beauty replaced perhaps by a monolith of some modern architecture. What kind of a race have we become?

What a year its been! My top ten moments


Dog Marine drive

Moment 01 This time last year. Last walk on marine drive. No longer would I meet this friendly dog. No longer I would get irritated by the group of walkers talking loudly. No longer would I enjoy the soft morning sea breeze.

Traditional stained glass

Moment 02 Excitement in a new city. Explored calcutta with help of mobile apps.  The GPS guiding me. Taking me to the hidden parts of the city, its crumbling facades and colonial vintage experience. Google maps recommended, Ola got me there and Swiggy got me food.

Traditional jewellery

Moment 03 Exploring the jewellery of the Eastern part of India for a jewellery event.


Moment 04 First exercise given at NIFT Calcutta.

Tool Lab NIFT calcutta

Moment 05 Setting up tools in a new lab with help of students.

teachers day

Moment 06 Students show their gratitude. The rain played a spoilsport, so couldn’t attend the Teachers day event, but the plant stays.

Bhawna on cover of T2

Moment 07 Got caught unaware while appreciating art and picture featured on front page of the local Sunday supplement.

You can sketch calcutta

Moment 08 Experimented with a drawing workshop launched called  ” You Can Sketch”


Moment 09 Certified course has takers. Social media presence. Getting warmed up.


Moment 10 Shopping for Poila Boisakh (Bengali new year) theme event.

Two cats


Left:Caramel, our cat rescued from Mumbai rains and now living with us in Calcutta.

Right: Unnamed stray tom cat who has made the shaded area in nani’s backyard a visiting home.

Caramel : ” Oh, its time for my nap before my whiskas. Let me rest myself in middle of this unmade bed. Let me hold on to another kitten.”

She sprawls lengthwise.

Tomcat : ” Whew! This summer heat is intolerable, such soft grass and cool damp mud!”

He hold his ears erect just so as to bolt at the slightest indication of human feet.

Two cats. Two personalities. A typical day.

Kitten feed

This is my first kitten post. The reason is clear. Caramel, the furry ball which is sleeping under the bed, is now officially part of our family. We found her learning to walk in the corridor of our building. Had she not mewed so aggressively maybe we would have not noticed her. Today, one month later, after many defleaing and visits to the vet, she is a member of our family.