Misty ride to Keylong


Keylong is one of those explored remote town situated in the northern part of Himachal enroute to Ladakh. The road from Manali leads to Keylong through the famous Rohtang pass which was once the silk route. Pines and firs give way to a rocky, barren landscape with just a carpet covering on the hills to account for the greenery, interspersed with a few trees. Quiet, poetic, romantic and serene. This route is open only for a couple of months each summer.



Choosing the Right Colour

Product focused advertisement created for Festive season 2011Advertisements can sometimes be a  visual treat or sometimes an annoying disturbance.

A visual treat, when all our senses are involved and focused and the end result looks as good as it sounds and feels. An annoying disturbance, when something seems out of place or is too rigid and doesn’t let our imagination flow.

Is your message luxury? Touch that paper.. does it communicate luxury? Read the message . Will it create a desire to buy?

A great advertisement is not just the one which seeks attention and creates desire.. it is the one which propels to buy.

Why is color so important? We live in a world where color has shaped our experiences. Imagine a print full of the same color or simply devoid of color. Both extremities affect how we react to the message. Some colors evoke nostalgia of another era ( like the retro advertisements).. others are composed to focus on a certain colour, which may just be the brand building color. The concept is visualized. The artwork is drafted and executed. But an artwork is only an artwork…till it recreates a desire in the viewer to buy….. along with being a visual treat.