Life and lemons


Don’t ask me why this title. It’s official. WordPress, I am bored of you. You have been around for a good decade and I got to share my experiences and you got to see the four states with me. I thank you. In a world of cat videos and so many more options on my smart phone , it is a big pain, to take a good picture firstly with a Dslr, upload it, edit it on photoshop, crop it and size it to optimize and then load it back into WP. Finally tag it and write about it. It was a big job a decade back and would sometimes take me a good couple of hoursĀ  or half a day, to create a decent post.

Then came Twitter, Whats App and Instagram. So many features were inbuilt, that photo editing became a breeze. Videos were allowed and you could trim them online. Everyone including my 8 year old niece were editing pictures and writing stories about them.

Loyalty, yes I have; patience, a bit difficult.

Life catches up. New places, people take up time. New projects entice my attention with their fascinating rewards. Maybe I do come back here and write about it. Maybe I don’t. I miss you WP, but I can’t spend that kind of time anymore. Now to just wait when I get time. And motivation. Plenty of motivation.


WordPress, you have removed my state from the map of India?


It’s enlightening to get a global perspective on Issues concerning India, but sometimes it just hurts what others think is or is not a part of India, the country to which I belong, along with a few billion others. If you look at the top of the map, I just got off the stats dashboard, you see that some top portions of India have been shaded with bands. WordPress seems to have put the entire state where I was born, Kashmir , as a disputed area? Along with part of north east which is the thriving state of Arunanchal Pradesh?

Below is the link to map of India from another site. This is the map we are more familiar with.