White Space


Mumbai is a chatter-city. You hear noises everywhere. Many times in languages you don’t understand or accents you can’t follow. You travel in bus, you hear.On the train, yes of course.Incessant horns. On the street. Even walking admiring the so called wonderful queen’s necklace from a drive on the marine, you hear the hum when you walk. As if they are talking into your ear. The busy bee of Bombay humming in a ceaseless drone. Festivals are but an opportunity for escalating the crescendo amplified everywhere you move.

Look at the picture above. The building is white marble. It overlooks the sea. Some butterflies flit on the flowers in the hedges outside. There is no noise here. Only the peace and quiet of culture, beauty and thought. A white space.

God of the Birds

This is Garuda. The king of the Bird community according to Hindu Mythology. We found this remarkable sculpture in the 11th C AD ruins of Vichundrem in Goa. He is the mount of Lord Vishnu and seems to be paying obeisance to him after being granted immortality. The Vishnu statue as Shri Narayandev is at the other end of the ruins.

Walk down the hill

I’ve been living on this hill for past too many days. Today the steps led me down to a old part of Panjim.Its called Mala.  Morning time was filled with the usual. A Goan grandmum in her skirt, readying the kid for school, an old gentleman gently sipping his beverage in his Balcao( courtyard room). A Brahmkumari was picking up some essentials from the corner shop. Bakery had the aroma of cakes, but hardly any visitors at this hour. A Tailor, a blacksmith and a handy repair person were busy at their desks, from the comforts of their huge heritage homes. Tomorrow, I go back with my camera and some money to buy a fresh baked bread.