Life and lemons


Don’t ask me why this title. It’s official. WordPress, I am bored of you. You have been around for a good decade and I got to share my experiences and you got to see the four states with me. I thank you. In a world of cat videos and so many more options on my smart phone , it is a big pain, to take a good picture firstly with a Dslr, upload it, edit it on photoshop, crop it and size it to optimize and then load it back into WP. Finally tag it and write about it. It was a big job a decade back and would sometimes take me a good couple of hours  or half a day, to create a decent post.

Then came Twitter, Whats App and Instagram. So many features were inbuilt, that photo editing became a breeze. Videos were allowed and you could trim them online. Everyone including my 8 year old niece were editing pictures and writing stories about them.

Loyalty, yes I have; patience, a bit difficult.

Life catches up. New places, people take up time. New projects entice my attention with their fascinating rewards. Maybe I do come back here and write about it. Maybe I don’t. I miss you WP, but I can’t spend that kind of time anymore. Now to just wait when I get time. And motivation. Plenty of motivation.