What a year its been! My top ten moments


Dog Marine drive

Moment 01 This time last year. Last walk on marine drive. No longer would I meet this friendly dog. No longer I would get irritated by the group of walkers talking loudly. No longer would I enjoy the soft morning sea breeze.

Traditional stained glass

Moment 02 Excitement in a new city. Explored calcutta with help of mobile apps.  The GPS guiding me. Taking me to the hidden parts of the city, its crumbling facades and colonial vintage experience. Google maps recommended, Ola got me there and Swiggy got me food.

Traditional jewellery

Moment 03 Exploring the jewellery of the Eastern part of India for a jewellery event.


Moment 04 First exercise given at NIFT Calcutta.

Tool Lab NIFT calcutta

Moment 05 Setting up tools in a new lab with help of students.

teachers day

Moment 06 Students show their gratitude. The rain played a spoilsport, so couldn’t attend the Teachers day event, but the plant stays.

Bhawna on cover of T2

Moment 07 Got caught unaware while appreciating art and picture featured on front page of the local Sunday supplement.

You can sketch calcutta

Moment 08 Experimented with a drawing workshop launched called  ” You Can Sketch”


Moment 09 Certified course has takers. Social media presence. Getting warmed up.


Moment 10 Shopping for Poila Boisakh (Bengali new year) theme event.