Birding Morning in Kolkata

It was 5.30 am. The sky had just started clearing up the slumber of the night. A Coppersmith Barbet held a twig of grass in the beak and prepared for the dawn ahead.

Next, a grey headed Mynah announced that it was 7.00 am and that the sun was unbearably hot.

A Black headed Oriole “hid” behind a tree, but her colours and call gave her away.


2 thoughts on “Birding Morning in Kolkata

  1. Would love to see birds like this close up! Thanks for letting me at least see them in pictures! I may even enjoy mornings if I woke up to this!

    1. Hi! the close up is courtesy my 300 mm zoom lens, but yes, the tamarind tree outside has a lot of winged visitors. Thanks for liking the post, encourages me to go on clicking….

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