And then what happened…

Her name is Saneedha. That’s what she told me. After the morning encounter, she was totally on my mind.

“Will money suffice?” I asked myself.

The feet took me towards her “dwelling”, which was an occupied strip on the pavement, on way to my evening stroll on the promenade. After a brief chat I parted with a crisp note which I hoped would alleviate her misery. She was smiling. I then asked her to explain what had happened in the morning. Reminded of the incident, she burst into tears again.


The next evening on way to the promenade, I glanced in her direction. Her toddler was playing with a brand new toy truck and a tiny airplane. The mother was lost in the joy of the play to notice. Feeling happy I continued my walk on the drive till the sun set and a hue of reddish pink became the sky.

On the way back, she saw me and beckoned me.

“I lost the money you gave me yesterday!” she said with a smile.

I nodded towards her and continued to go back towards the gated building compound leaving the noise, dust and poverty behind me.