A Pursuit of Imagination – New blog

The first time I created this blog, I assumed it would be a discussion on Fashion and Management , the two things I thought I knew pretty well about. As it grew over time I found it evolving into a photo travel blog. The few posts that I wrote about design got somehow hidden in the species of birds I had identified on the way or the nuances of the cities I was exploring. I was also encouraged by your response and comments to add more and more topics and have been thoroughly enjoying the journey.

If you are following me here on “The Wanderer” for design related posts, you would like to follow the new blog here: A pursuit of Imagination. This blog is an effort to consolidate the thoughts in one place and make it more focused to Design, management and other articles which may seem an aberration here.

For those who are here for the travel, nature, architecture and other inspiration pictures, I’m five years strong and planning to add more posts!Sit tight!