Early Morning at a Jetty point, you find birds talking to each other.


This jetty point , which I spoke about in my earlier post, is rarely visited by many people. I said people, but not birds. Lots of birds know about this area. Some travel distances across continents to reach it every winter. I hear the Flamingos have arrived, though that trip is still on my “to do”; but there are many more species which have made it their “vacation home”. You can see them all “talking” to each other in the picture above.


Black tailed Godwits in Flight.


A Painted Stork in flight.


A Common Redshank foraging for its breakfast.


A Black Headed Ibis in flight.

I didn’t mention the egrets, cormorants and other birds which inhabit these surroundings and don’t mind these yearly visitors. As I said, I saw them “talking” to each other.


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One response to “Early Morning at a Jetty point, you find birds talking to each other.”

  1. Touch2Touch says :

    Such exotic birds! Especially the ibis. To me it’s like fairy tales —

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