Unlock the mind: Stream of consciousness.

I have my twenty minutes to write everything that I think of. Where does my mind meander? What territory does it traverse? Where does it go before it finally becomes one with my hand as I translate my thoughts into writing? I delve into the first layer of my mind. Some story perhaps of things which are..And which aren’t. Something that people can relate to. Why do I think about people and how they can relate to my work? Because maybe in the next layer of my mind I have a deep feeling that these thoughts are uncommon and radical. People don’t like complexity. They like simplicity. “Says who?” say the next layer of my mind. Were the great thinkers’ simple people? They could create complex ideas and simplify them. Aristotle…Socrates…my mind goes down another layer. “the only thing I know is that I know nothing”. A simple quote. But profound meaning. So much meaning. You can interpret it anyway you like. So maybe the twist is in making the complex simple. A gestalt of the mind. May the thoughts surround me now. I move below to another plane in the subconscious and let myself be carried only by the rhythm of the thoughts clicking free on the typewriter. I wish it was a typewriter, think I again… the clicking of the sound..the imprint of an idea would sound so much more bolder rather than this soft touch. Excuses! I smile. That’s what holds you back. Thinking has to be translated into doing. What good is a thought that runs free without a direction, a purpose..a harness? Thoughts that jumble and thoughts that clear. Meditate. Make yourself one with the work. That is true divinity, they say. They say and I believe. Let no negative emotion get imprinted on this sheet. Let no negativity creep out. Let the world be negativity free. A better world. An ideal world. I glance sideways to the computer clock and it tells me that I have accomplished ten minutes of my mission. Thoughts seem to arrive. At least we are getting somewhere now. Ok..Now what again did I want to accomplish? I had it written somewhere. A book. About a better world. How the world should be. Well..you are late. Thomas More has already written utopia. Planners have already created a new world based on utopian ideals. Am I too late? No, the next layer of the mind says. You need to get there. Bring the thoughts forth. Let the new Utopia arise. Neutopia. But what do I know about a ….I stop my thoughts.. Look at the positives. I want this place to exist. A place which is perfect not just in its beauty but also by its imperfections. A dream I had decades back. I want to see that. This place where the arts combine with science. Where every beautiful thing in the world has a place. A noah’s ark for culture and beauty. Beautiful people with clean souls. A divine place. Dante….this is the paradiso. The real one. Does it matter that I have read none of these books of none of these greats. But Dante, Thomas More, Socrates, Aristotle..All seem to embed themselves in me. Get forth their ideas for the new world through. A world not bound by laws, nor blemished by lawlessness. A connected world. Just like the connected points in the flower of life, springing through the seed of life. A search for the divine particle within. Have I found it? No, not yet. I am yet to find it. I must begin my work and release this energy strapped within. I am no writer. I am no philosopher. I am merely a channel of my thoughts. Thoughts that grow and grow and grow. About to explode. I can’t hold them back now. I have to write.

Update: the writings are now moved to this blog: http://writingoneoone.wordpress.com/


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  1. Hi. I am also taking Writing 101. It is amazing how fast 20 minutes can pass once the floodgate of the stream of consciousness opens. I think my floodgate is a bit rusty. 🙂 Tell me, is your statement regarding the harness an echo of the Gita?


    1. Hi Tony! Great to hear that you too are part of the same journey. I was myself amazed how smoothly the thoughts flew out today. The Gita? I haven’t ever read it totally..really have no idea where all this came from..but glad things are rolling out.

    1. thats’ ok!… I must have made that mistake zillions of times..not only with this but with other words too! 🙂

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