Train journey and destination.


I’ve been in part inspired by Penguin Book of Indian Railway Stories , which sent me digging into my archives for train pictures and part inspired by the experience of traveling in trains in India. For those who have traveled India cross country by train would agree that its fascinating to watch the scenes unfold every time and the depth to which Indian Railways reach connecting many places each so different from the next.

For a city bred person like me, its an amazing saga that unfolds each time I travel by train, which unfortunately have been getting lesser and lesser over the years.Always wonder if the train may come to stop mid location, crossing mustard fields with their yellow blooms in Punjab or when the Konkan express glides effortlessly underneath the Doodhsagar waterfall.

This time the train did seem to stop in between such scenic beauty, bu the best part, it was a station. It still seemed partly under construction with a bridge to cross over the other side. But the view is breathtaking everytime I stop here, more so on this day.


This was around January and winter had set. The Carambolim lake on the other side of the station was crowded with birds, herons and egrets battled for space and sometimes a flock of birds would glide over in the sky. The air was fresh and calm. There were hardly any people on this station. This train just stops for two minutes. A minute for me to deboard and another minute to take out my phone to take this picture.Perhaps the best one minute I ever spent in photography.

Have you ever had a similar experience?


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