My first design which is actually not my Design

There is no creation without originality. A strong statement and maybe it is true. But what if I work upon someone’s idea. Is that design? Is that creativity? Opinion could be divided on that subject. Take example of a person who retouches images and makes them into something beautiful and different from what they were. Doesn’t this person need lots of creativity? Or take example of a CAD artist who uses someone else’s creative thought (Read 2D sketch) to make it into a real life like example. I would call the second one”translators”. But they are all called “designers”. At least in this part of the world. Maybe they are part of a larger design process, cogs in the wheel to the process.Below is my cog-to wheel “design”. I call it design because it is a “drafted drawing”, #D produced. But it is not mine. It gets its identity from the eternity ring concept, perhaps developed by some ingenious marketing campaign to rake up diamond sales. Nor is the placement of the diamonds;the design, mine. I took it from a book. What I did was to translate the drawing into a 3D.

Its called an eternity ring.

Its called an eternity ring.


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