Finding that name!


Naming your Product. Reblogged from DesignAttic.

Design Attic

Naming your product is that interesting part of design where all your thoughts and inspiration find a culmination in a physical object (or service). When some of us jumped into the dot-com bandwagon in the late 90’s, most of the names were taken. Finding the domain availability was the challenge. Most simple words had been registered by squatters who seemed to have made a business from the name game. Finding a name which was unique and available in a .com was very important for most business.

I tried various permutations of design, concept, idea. But alas, all were taken! I tried initial experiments with a very exotic sounding name “conceptuelle”. A compound of concept and “elle” ( french for she ). We found the availability and registered immediately. But looking back today, I feel that my choice is amusing. It was a foreign sounding name for our mostly Indian clients…

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