Design Education in India — an interview by Creative Gaga

Quite a challenging task to change mindsets in Design Education in India. Reblogged.

Mixed Fruit Jam

1. How are the Indian design schools different from their international counterparts?
A major difference in design education in India and the west, is that, in the west, most design teachers are also design practitioners. However, in India, teachers don’t typically work in the field and hence lack practical and contemporary knowledge about a very dynamic field. Indian d-schools tend to “produce” students that have a similar style — which is the anti-thesis of a good creative education. The notion of encouraging students to discover and explore their individual spirit is lacking in India.

All of this may not be only the fault of Indian design education, but the very way our society is structured with respect to the west. Western college students are encouraged to be more independent by working to pay for their education. They are removed from the family “nest” at a younger age, and thus discover themselves…

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