Interesting Costumes of Lahual & Spiti

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Hearing the word costume, immediately made me reminisce about the trip to a remote area of Himachal which is bordered with Ladakh and shut from the world for half a year due to the heavy snowfall. On this design development trip with an aim to provide new skills to Hill Tribals, we were amazed by their traditional costumes. Especially worn by the women. The entire belt is shut down during during winters and women sit home knitting socks which they were taught by Scottish missionary ladies centuries back. In spite of the vagaries of the weather, they keep smiling. In these pictures they are wearing a woolen outfit with a short coat and a silk scarf, which is their formal wear.


2 thoughts on “Interesting Costumes of Lahual & Spiti

  1. The burgundy-purple is a beautiful color on the women. They must be rich in spirit…in life.

    1. Its a lovely colour indeed. In India, the further one goes into the interiors, the more self sufficient and content are people.Quite a learning. 🙂

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