Ideal City of the 21st Century


Do you remember the last post about Delhi? Don’t I Crib a lot about cities? This time around I feel that I’m doing something meaningful about it.

There is a Design School in Germany which has come up with an online collaborative venture where anyone from around the world can contribute to a learning and developing assignment about the Ideal City of the 21st Century. Guess this was the perfect place for me to go and crib and also understand why cities are the way they are. As luck would have it, all 400 photos taken by my smart phone in Mumbai now have a purpose. I selected a few and have uploaded a few on the Flickr stream , which is where participants from over 90 countries can exchange comments about the first assignment.


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One response to “Ideal City of the 21st Century”

  1. Madhu says :

    You have captured, all the ills of the urban jungles we live in!

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