A little bit of Green

Some people collect music, I like to collect pretty stones.

We often associate green with Emeralds, but there are a surprising number of natural stones which are green in colour. Chrysolite(top four pictures) is one such gemstone from the “Olivine” family, from which we also get Peridot (as in the beads above). While Peridot is smaller and greener, Chrysolite is more vivid and yellower. Fashions have relegated the Olivine family to “semi precious” stones, but they are one of my favorites. Tsavorites, the drops, are also green in colour. Only an experienced gemologist can distinguish and rate gemstones based on their many colors and characteristics. The  piece of Jewellery displayed above is a double loop pendant with a modern interpretation of Gold foil setting (Kundan) and Green Enamel (Minakari), both which are traditional Indian jewellery techniques, popular in the 13th-15th C AD (Mughal period). Finally At the end, is a motif from the Mehendi (temporary tattoo) art which is basically a henna made by crushing green Mehendi leaves and is used to dye the hands for festive occasions.

(All pictures and stones from my private collection)


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