The Earth: An Inheritance

Just when I thought that the two waterfalls which we saw while driving through the hills was the best of adventure we had got today, the vehicle stopped. Turned around. It was everywhere. We were on the highest slope in the vicinity and the horizon from left to right was water…the sea…. An expanse of blue. A man, with two front teeth broken and an equally broken native language, stood to watch us climb out of the vehicle to take in the scene. He, along with his family, was perched on haunches on the roadside, ready to guide us down the steps to the beach. But we stood right there…taking in the air and the purity of the landscape. We saw from here, the Earth meeting the sky. All across…. from left to right. As far as the horizon. Dear magical Earth, we are glad to have inherited you.

Could he have etched these on the hard surface with a purpose, or was it done in those moments of leisure by the quiet river side? Prehistoric artists were rather talented, it seemed…over 5000 yrs have passed but it remains here. On this rock surface, surprisingly in the heart of Goan hinterland, we saw prehistoric carvings of animals, birds, unidentified motifs and more….(the labyrinth symbol above is a mystery)

Slippery rocks during the monsoons is not the best time, but here were the springs and a little further was this bubble pond, where bubbles mysteriously seemed to surface from the ground. And tons of tiny fishes were ready to give you a fabulous foot therapy.

Suresh, our self appointed guide, had this tattoo on his arm, which was reminiscent of pre historic carvings which we had seen earlier. One of the 400 natives, he helped tourists walk across the paddy fields to reach a solitary rock, which till this day bore impressions of a fine chisel of a prehistoric artist.

Most pictures taken here, were on an auto mode considering how enthusiastic I was simply two days after getting the camera. I was also extremely lucky to have a photo companion (view his photostream here) and an august guide, otherwise so many things in a single day would not have been possible.

Water, earth, red soil, rock carvings, paddy fields, panaromic views, waterfalls…constant reminder of time on earth and how it preserved and nurtured all within it. We also saw land stripped of stone and mined for ironore. But the Earth, in all its modesty, looked beautiful even though it cradled the waste and the scars on its surface, as a caring, nurturing mother to the ills of its children.

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