Bonderam: A village square party in Goa

Like at all times in Goa, There is no place for the word melancholy. It took mere 3 hours for me between the last trip to Aguada , through a whirlwind of activities and a bout of viral…and nothing in the world helps you recover faster than a trip, festivities and bonhomie such as the Bonderam fest, at an island close by, which is going on even as I write. And those three hours were enough to rejuvenate me from an arriving melancholic phase to renewed joi de vivre.

Goa is a small place. Before leaving I tried to contact some of the friends in the vicinity about their plans to meet up. While we were lost amongst communication, each ferry point had a surprise. I had decided to take the ferry to divar island from the crossing at Old Goa. And whom do I meet here but my Portuguese teacher, Professor Isabella! Further up and into the ferry, we got split, but we soon met up at another strategic location in divar. A second acquaintance, Anoop, I spotted on the ferry itself, this time on the way back towards Ribander.

At Divar, I was immediately struck by the peace, tranquility and the water all around. The parking was neatly organized and was converted from a football ground. Even the mostly boisterous party revelers and tourists arranged their vehicles in neat rows.

A small village square fest is enough reason for celebration. Kids with hula hoops.Pretty girls in bright dresses swishing to waka waka . Waka waka never sounded better. The local MC did enough justice to spreading cheer over the hardly 5 floats which were up for competition. Being city bred, I often compare any parade with the republic day parade, but infront of this party atmosphere, that seemed a stoic and rigid ritual. The village square was literally shouting “ yes!! we are partying on the street!”. Beer was flowing.

The sky was now getting clouded and anticipating rains, I decided to get back. Way back through the quaint village itself was a pleasure. What really caused my heart beat to stop was the 30 feet almost vertical slope from the road to the ferry. Luckily a senhor helped me reverse it up the ribander point. O senhor, obrigada!

After all that partying I asked myself what was bonderam all about? Guess will have to ask my friend exoticgoa that. But for me and a few hundred people present there, it was one big excuse to party!

Update: Here are more photos of Bonderam taken by Exotic Goa.

Second update: Here are exquisite photographs taken by Anoop Negi.