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The thing I miss the most today, is my Nikon FG complete with the collection of the lens which was the first camera I ever bought. No travel trip can be complete without a camera and as a designer, its the most essential tool for documentation. After my Nikon was lost (thats another story), I picked an automatic canon which lasted me till last years carnival and its somewhere buried in the sands of Baga Beach.(two am and 5 inebriated people couldn’t help me locate it). Right now, I’m making do with an even simpler version of canon, so I’m hoping that is  excuse enough for the picture quality on my website. I missed my nikon yesterday, when I saw some amazing jewellery worn by the local ladies here in Goa. Its surprising how diverse is the mix of population here in Panjim.

Coral Jewellery worn traditionally

Did you know that coral is considered as a stone that can keep the temperament cool? This is what I learnt from some married ladies who were wearing thier mangalsutra( wedding pendant) with a couple of beads of coral. Coral also features in men’s jewellery, especially rings. That was in the morning.

In the afternoon, I had an amazing experience at Design Space, which is the retail store by Wendell Rodricks . Had been two years and I had only seen it from outside. So when the rain stopped yesterday, I took the liberty of driving down to the store which is in Campal, Panjim. A flight of stairs led me to the pristine ambiance. He does some amazing things with weaves and dyes.

The day ended with a lazy trip to caranzalem and miramar beach. At caranzalem, we had to stop short from the beach at the caranzalem park as the path to the beach was flooded.  The park itself is a lovely piece of green and for those who have kids, its a must stop at point in Panjim.

And as I said earlier, I missed my camera.

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