Design: Symbol of the Indian Rupee

The Indian rupee symbol has been finally announced and it has been debated on various levels. Whether trying to “save the Indian rupee symbol” or to dissect it to find a design interpretation in the Indian context.

In the design context, I feel that the winning designer has really understood the need of his “client” that is the Indian Government to create a design that is logical in its application “applicable to standard keyboard”. Here are the competition guidelines. Here are the skeptics view regarding the terms of design, before the results were announced.

If you go through the list of those who were shortlisted for the design competition, you would notice that people from varied backgrounds had participated in the contest, not for the monetary reward of two lac rupees, but because of reason of national pride.

Frankly, I don’t find any difficulty with the new symbol incase it is compatible with the computer keyboard as is claimed. It is in devanagri and has the double strokes and is also having a 3 dimensional characteristic. It also has basic aesthetic values and these qualities are sufficient for good design.

Inspite of all the controversies, its appreciable on part of the government to be able to select as well as quickly adapt the symbol. No matter what the critics say (read what an Indian designer has to say here), its commendable that the symbol has been selected from thousands of entries as well as been quickly adapted by the media at a fraction of what it cost the Europe to get a working design of the Euro.

What remains to be seen is the the changeover period in which the former currencies’ notes and coins will be exchanged for the new ones and the systems which will be in place. Till then, I think there is just much ado about nothing. Good Job , D. Uday Kumar.

Download the font

Is this the first look at the coin with the new rupee symbol?

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