Visit to a rocky beach

Morning. The sun was shining brightly after a week of rains. A chance visit to a nearby village led me to the discovery of this exquisite place where the river meets the sea and where some varieties of shells were available for my current quest.

A winding path leads to discovery……

Amar, the driver who accompanied me, agreed to be my guide and translator, as most Goan natives speak konkani. We weren’t the only ones on this stretch. Beach combers were here to fish out their meal of local shellfish and mussels. A good day, as rain had stopped. Some were squatting on the highway outside to sell their find of the day.

A snap shot of nature :A bivalve, oyster shell(broken fragments), beachy sand, laterite stones, a weathered teak leaf; and Goan beach comber shows her collection to us.

Popular varieties of Goan native shell fish are locally known as Khube, Tisro and Shinanu. Posted below is a picture of Shinanu, which according to Amar, is a more expensive mussel because of its green lining. It is fried and served in coconut gravy as a delicacy in some parts of Goa.

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