Swarovski enlightened Eyewear Design

2009: Enlightened: Swarovski Elements Jewellery Design Competition 2008/9

Enlightened – Swarovski Elements conducted an online design competition in the field of jewellery including bejewelled eyewear.This competition asked international jewellery- and design-lovers from all over the world to share their ideas, their design creativity and innovative jewellery designs incorporating the applied Enlightened – Swarovski Elements genuine Topaz assortment. Eyewear Design by Bhawna Vij Katyal was featured in the Swarovski Design book which was launched at a prominent jewellery fair”

Swarovski Enlightened ™-http://enlightened.swarovski.com/#/passion-topaz-inspiration-e-book page 90-91.”
also http://www.enlightened-jewellery-design-competition.com/profile.php?id=2243&desid=1306